Animal Research
Utilizing Animals in Your Research

All research projects that utilize animals are required to obtain approval from the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) before research is initiated. There are numerous online resources to assist and inform the Principal Investigator (PI) regarding this process. In addition, research programs that employ the use of animals are often required to obtain other approvals/authorizations or certificates before initiation of work, such as those covering the use of controlled substances (anesthesia and pain management), the use of hazardous materials (either chemical, biological, or radioactive), and training of laboratory personnel who will perform procedures on animals. An efficient process leading to initiation of research activities will address all of these issues at an early stage because all necessary approvals will need to be in place before actual research work can commence. If the PI is a recent hire or is planning to initiate animal research for the first time, one of the first steps is to obtain login/password to the RIO site.