Post Award Support
Financial Support Resources

The post award team provides financial support to Principal Investigator's (PIs) which includes projections, personnel changes, and grant management. Financial compliance is a priority as potential risks include federal suspension for failure to comply with regulations including financial impropriety. This may result in loss of specific research/research labs, large fines and penalties, and business disruption.

Questions About the Post-Award Process

I received a notice of a new award - Now what?

If you received an award and you have not worked with the Pre-Award team or with Research Administration: 

  • Immediately contact the Director of Research Administration and Operations for the Department, Gina Goodrich: [email protected]; Ph: (415) 502-3345 who will be able to help you with your new award setup.

If you worked through the Pre-Award Team:

  • The sponsor will send a letter to the Pre-Award team who will set up a new account (also referred to as chartstrings) for your grant. Once that is processed, the Director of Research Administration and the Research Administration Liaison will contact you to provide an account that you can use in order to start spending on your grant.
I need advice on my budget and projected spending, who should I contact?

For advice on budgeting and projected spending, please contact your assigned Post Award Analyst. They are responsible for creating a budget, providing scenarios and answering questions on your awards.

Who is on my grant? I have questions on my Faculty and Staff Funding Distribution.

Contact your assigned Post Award Analyst for inquiries as to who is on a particular grant. They tracks and submits funding distributions for you and your staff.

In addition, you can find the information directly by going to Faculty Portfolio under MyReports on MyAccess. Your post-award analyst can help you the first time you use Faculty Portfolio. Once you are familiar with it, it will be easy for you to see who is on your grant.

Where do I find information on what has been spent on my grant?

The Post Award Analyst funds and tracks spending based on the scenario that you agreed upon. The Post Award Analyst will send you a monthly reconciliation report including details on what has posted in the general ledger against your account.

In addition, you can find the information directly by going to Faculty Portfolio under MyReports on MyAccess. Your Post-Award Analyst can help you the first time your use Faculty Portfolio, once you are familiar with it, it will be easy for you to see how you are spending your grant.

Help! Is this allowable to purchase with my grant?

Review the UCSF Controller’s Office site for more detailed information on allowable expenses.

What’s Budget Status Reporting and why do I need to know about it?

The Budget Status Report is your one stop shop for your financials. It shows how much you have spent, what’s projected and the balance. It also provides visibility to see what personnel is on your grant as well. Your Post Award Analyst, William Yau will provide this report to you monthly.

I need assistance with Funding Agency Financial Reporting- What do I do?

For Federal and Non-Federal Awards: Your Post Award Analyst William Yau: [email protected]; Ph: (415) 476-6708 will help you with your report.

I need a No Cost Extension on my Award- who do I contact?

For No Cost Extensions, the Pre-Award team will request the extension directly from the sponsor. Please contact your Pre-Award Analyst for help.  If you want to know the balance on your account at the end of your grant period, please contact your assigned Post Award Analyst for the information.

My grant end date is approaching; do I need to do anything else?

Work with your assigned Post Award Analyst to submit close out reports that may include a Final Financial Report, an Invention Report, and a Final Progress Report.

What is effort certification and what does that mean to me?

Effort certification is how UCSF assures the federal government and other research sponsors that they are charged only the appropriate personnel expenses. It also confirms that faculty and staff have met their commitments to sponsored projects. If all or part of your effort is charged on a sponsored project, you must certify your effort.  More information can be found on the Controller's Office site.  

Who certifies my effort? How do I certify my effort? Where can I request Access to the ERS system?

All PIs certify their effort. All graduate students, postdoctoral trainees, and staff will have their effort certified by their PI. Review the Tips for the PI (pdf) for additional information. 

Follow this link to request access to the ERS system. 

I have questions on Sub Awards, who should I contact?

If you have questions on Sub Awards during proposal stage and Sub Awards setup, please contact your Pre-Award Analyst.

Your Post Award Analyst William Yau: [email protected]; Ph: (415) 476-6708 can provide guidance after Sub Awards are in place.

How do I issue a Sub Award to my collaborator?

Your Pre-Award Analyst can assist you on setting up a Sub Award, but please first work with your Post Award Analyst, William Yau: [email protected]; Ph: (415) 476-6708 on the Sub Award total to ensure budget cut is appropriately applied.

How do I request a modification to an existing Sub award?

Your Pre-Award Analyst can assist you on Sub Award modification.

What if I receive an invoice from a sub contract?

Contact and forward the subcontract invoice to your assigned Post Award Analyst, who will obtain the appropriate approval for payment.

I need to hire a Consultant or Contractor- what do I need to know?
  • For legal consultation, refer to the this link
  • For independent consultation or contractor, refer to this link
BSR,FSR,NCE….! What are all these acronyms?

BSR- Budget Status Report
FSR- Financial Status Report
NSF- National Science Foundations
NCE- No Cost Extension
IDC- Indirect Cost Calculation
OSR- Office of Sponsored Research
COA- Chart of Accounts

For an extensive list of acronyms please refer to the OSR research administration glossary